Heavy Hauling

Route planning for oversize carriers is fractured, inconsistent, and time consuming.

Oversize carriers spend 3.7 billion dollars every year planning, permitting, and routing heavy loads. Planning and acquiring permits for an oversize transportation project requires navigating multiple DOT websites and piecing together data from distributed sources.

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Sarus Hauling makes oversize routing as simple as using Google Maps and acquiring permits as easy as buying something on Amazon


We are pulling historical data, DOT data, and user reported data to provide the most reliable route to minimize surprises on the road.


After confirming your route, our permit agency goes to work confirming your permits and making necessary route modifications


Real-time load tracking provides visibility to clients and management to ensure high-value freight is being transported safely and efficiently.
Instant Oversize Routes

Finding a route in 2024 shouldn’t require multiple state websites, redundant route surveys,
and hours of detective work. Our map will aggregates a wide variety of data to deliver the
most reliable route:

  • National Bridge Inventory
  • DOT Data
  • Driver Reports
  • Historical Route Surveys
  • Historical Oversize Lans
  • ADAS/Telematics Data
One-Click Permitting

After determining a base route, request permits with One-Click. Sarus Hauling will interface with DOTs to deliver permits quickly with minimal route modifications. When on the road, permit changes will be provided to driver and managed autonomously by Sarus to ensure trucks keep moving.

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