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Sarus Lifting gets 2nd place at CU NVC 14 Championship Competition 2021

On April 13, 2021, Sarus Lifting had the opportunity to compete with 5 other startups to pitch their ideas at CU Boulder's New Venture Challenge competition, taking 2nd place and awarded $21,000 plus $25,000 from investment offer which will be used to get prototypes out to early adopters.

About the New Venture Challenge

Established in 2009, the New Venture Challenge (NVC) program has been known as CU Boulder's entrepreneurial "flight simulator." NVC connects startups to the Boulder community to support, mentor, and fund innovative ideas. Boulder is one of the best places to launch startups because it resides at the intersection of a top research university, and an internationally recognized startup community.

In 2020, NVC was awarded Top 20 Largest Collegiate Entrepreneurship Competitions.